Introduction- Hello, I am Ethan and I am currently a student at Halesowen College, I am studying VR Development and Computer Engineering Level 3. I chose this course because I have always been interested in game design and IT in general.

So far my course has consisted of installing part into a PC, learning Global Legislation, Cyber Security, and the Fundamentals Of IT, in addition to this I have also learnt about different Operating Systems as well as different types of software as well as learning about different interfaces. I have also made projects that have included me making studies to see if the business proposal would work or fail. All together I have enjoyed my course so far and continue to enjoy it.

This inspired me to look into different sectors of IT such as Cyber Security because I find it interesting and love learning about different ways that I can protect my data and keep it out of the wrong hands. Furthermore, my course has also inspired me to look into different engines used to make games and different coding methods such as, C++ as I use C# to write my scripts. The game I am making will be a horror game based on Tutankhamun’s curse and as suggested, it is based in Egypt in the pyramids.

What I want to do in the future- After college I will be looking for apprenticeships to see if I can find one that I like and if not, I will be going to University to get a degree in Game Designing/Programming. I will be looking for an apprenticeship, because if I can get one it will save me a lot of money in the long run. However I am not opposed to going to university because I want to experience the university life for myself.

What I am Looking forward to do- I am looking forward to my work experience at Orbits IT because it will allow me to work on my attributes and bring them to a level that is suitable in a work environment. In addition, I think getting my work experience here will be beneficial because it will give me more in depth knowledge on what happens in IT businesses meaning that employment will be easier later on after university or if I get an apprenticeship.

08/02/23- On my first day of work experience I have shadowed some IT staff and learnt what different tools I will potentially be using are making me feel more comfortable, I have also completed an assessment that I have been required to take getting an 85% score. I am a bit disappointed with my score because I should have got 100% but from my mistakes I have learnt new things that will broaden my knowledge.

From my research on the Raspberry Pi I have learnt that you can replace your own desktop PC with this. In addition, to this I have also seen that you can run your own server on games, control a robot and much more. This is interesting to me because before today I had not heard what a Raspberry Pi was. Another bizarre discovery I have came across is that you can make a UAV drone by using a Raspberry Pi this has shocked me and has me even more intrigued.

I have also learnt that with Raspberry Pi you can make a Pi-Powered Motion Sensor and Alarm, this is interesting because this can be used in a number of ways for example using it as a burglary alarm or an alarm to notify you if someone has entered a room.

After doing some research I decided to take some mini quiz’s on PII Protect I got 50% on Cyber Stories: New Device for misreading the question this made me proof read the next set of questions carefully allowing me to get 100% on the Botnet mini quiz. I took my 4th mini quiz and got 100% score on The Sammy’s Award Show this has made me gain better understanding on what is happening in the cyber criminal world.

While I was shadowing the team members I got a run through on the software that they use. For example I was shown how tickets are booked and they are resolved, I was also shown how they resolve issues that require access via the software that they use. I also learnt how to word emails to people to be friendly and efficient on what is needed and what is meant when information is sent to the end users.

15/02/23-I arrived early again today and forgot my password (which I never usually do) however, I am fine now and just waiting to log in to PII Protect to take some of the mini quizzes.

Whilst researching Raspberry Pi projects I have seen that it is possible to make a weather station and it will as it suggests tell you what the temperature is and update accordingly. In addition, I have also looked at some advanced Raspberry Pi projects and seen that you can make a smart CCTV system that will recognize visitors, you can also make retro gaming machines with Raspberry PI.

After doing the research I was tasked to remove computers from the anti-virus via Webroot so far the time is 11.02 and I have removed 37. The Time is now 11:38 and I have managed to remove 46 computers I will now be starting on another task.

Of the afternoon I was shadowing Jordan and was looking at what he had to do for another company. He had to install an emulator to allow a company to access an app that is on Google Play store on Android. I also saw how he took his time to write an email to make sure it was professional and polite. After doing this I went on break and got back around 14:40-ish.

After my lunch break I have been working on PII Protect and doing some mini quizzes I have managed to get an overall score of 84% so far but I will improve this by completing more quizzes and getting 100% on them.

I have also found out that you can make a VR headset using  Raspberry Pi however it could be very difficult to make due to it being on the more advanced side of things. Furthermore you could also make a Bluetooth camera using Raspberry PI.

From my understanding their are a lot of different uses for the Raspberry Pi and because of this it can be very valuable to a business that require a local cloud server for example (one of the many things that you can make with Raspberry PI. By watching brief parts of videos on YouTube I have seen that you can make a smart mirror with face ID with the Raspberry PI 4.

22/02/23-I arrived a little bit early again today however I got set up quick and decided to do some quizzes on PII Protect. After doing a few quizzes I started to set up a laptop for a company that requested one. Whilst it was installing things and getting the actual Desktop and other things ready I completed more quizzes.

After doing this I started making a word document and started to decide out of 3 Raspberry PI projects what I will be trying to do at the end of my work experience at Orbits IT.

After doing this I was shown how to finish setting up a Laptop and how to remove bloatware. In addition I was shown how to install certain applications that are needed such as TeamViewer. After this I was shown how to connect the laptop to a VPN that was owned by the company it was being set up for.

At around 12.45 I started to add more detail to my document on the Raspberry Pi projects that I have been looking into. I finished these improvements at 1pm. After 10 minutes of more research I have found 3 projects that could potentially be done with the right equipment. At 1:50pm I had a break and got back around 2:20pm.

At 2:49pm I started to do more research on the prices of how much Raspberry PI projects cost to see if the project I have been given the task of doing is viable and doesn’t require any hardware that is expensive.

After this I did some mini quizzes on PII Protect and managed to boost my score up to 705. In addition I have also broadened my knowledge on how attackers use public networks to attack victims and that they can set up fake charge points to get your personal data and use it to commit fraud for example. I completed more mini quizzes and managed to get my score up to 710 so far I have had no trouble with the quizzes other than misreading questions.

29-02-2023- I could not attend due to being called into college to finish some work that I had to resubmit for the grade that I wanted to achieve failure to do so would of meant failing a unit that was important.

7/03/2023- Today I arrived early again so I started by doing some mini quizzes on Portal PII to boost my score up even higher than it already is. After doing 2 mini quizzes I boosted my score to 7th place in a tie with 711 points. After doing another quiz I now have 713 points and have overtook the person in 7th place that was tied with me.

After doing PII Protect I was tasked with setting up computers for a company with help from Harris who made sure that I did everything correctly however because an issue occurred we had to restart them and currently waiting for them to be restarted after being renamed this is because we accidently set them up for the wrong company meaning we have to rename them as suggested.

I got through setting up the laptops with Harrison by previously making notes on what he had went through before with me this allowed me to set them up and take him through the set up to make sure I knew what he had said and understood what he was saying/said.

Whilst waiting for the devices to restart I was shown what DNS Filter was by Alex, he also showed me how to white list a website so a client could access their website. DNS Filter also displayed analytics on websites that had been in scams and phishing scams before and gave a percentage of how trust worthy they are I was also shown this by Alex.

After the laptops had updated we got the next batch out an I ran through them from the 3rd step all by myself because Harrison had to answer some calls for issues that are occurring, after I installed Adobe and Google Chrome Alex came over and helped me connect the devices to Azure AD after this I uninstalled all the bloatware on the devices all that needs to be done know is the updates and the laptops have been fully completed.

This concludes my work experience at Orbits IT I have really enjoyed my time here because everyone in the office is friendly and approachable, and they help in any way they can.