Web Umbrella

Protect against external threats

Multi-layered web threat protection

Web Umbrella provides a unique cloud-based security service using DNS that defends against malware, data breaches, ransomware and unauthorised cloud services. In seconds, the service can display your global activity, identify attacks and report potential infections.

How does it work?

Web Umbrella is a secure internet gateway which protects your business and data from external threats such as spear phishing attacks, malware and ransomware.
Your organisation relies on a system called “DNS” or “Domain Naming Service”. This system looks up the domain names of websites you request and resolves them to the correct address. Your current DNS is unfiltered, which means it will allow any and all traffic whether good or bad. Umbrella is different – it screens your DNS traffic to prevent malicious activity, neutralise threats and filter content before it even reaches you.
Web Umbrella will protect from existing and emerging threats, regardless of where employees are working.

Web Umbrella 1

Cost Effective

Get per user licencing with volume discounts.

Simple Deployment

Seamlessly integrates with your existing systems with no downtime.

Web Umbrella 2
Web Umbrella 3

In-depth Reporting

Receive regular reports and metrics are available.

Stop Fraudsters

Using analytics to predict where phishing sites will emerge and PhishTank, the first and most successful collaborative clearinghouse for phishing information.

Web Umbrella 4
Web Umbrella 5

Complete Coverage

With complete coverage, corporate networks, satellite offices, home workers and mobile users are all protected from potential external cyber threats.

GDPR & Data Protection Friendly

Umbrella is GDPR compliant and offers that extra level of protection and accountability.

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Polite and really patient…

“I picked up a ‘new’ laptop today and I couldn’t get the outlook app to work. I rang and initially spoke to James who was very helpful and downloaded all the updates for me. I then called back and spoke to Daniel who was then able to open the app. They were both very polite and really patient…”

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