Some of you may already be aware of the negative press since the release of Apple’s IOS 9 software leading users to receive shock bill increase due to a new feature which has been introduced.

The culprit is called WiFi Assist which switches the data to mobile connection when its experiencing slow download speeds while connected to the WiFi. If you have unlimited data then this may be a useful feature but many users without unlimited data plan end up paying the price as it the feature will switch from WiFi to 3G or 4G without your knowledge.

If you, like others want to prevent this from happening to you here are two easy steps you can take.ios9 copy

The first and easy step is to navigate to Settings > Mobile and scroll to the bottom of the page to turn off WiFi assist. This should stop you from receiving any increase bills.

The second and in my opinion the best method in preventing this happening to you is to replace your iPhone with a high end Android smartphone ;).