Windows 8.1 has not long been with us but already Microsoft are working on Windows 10 and is set to be released the end of this year.

Windows 8 had a dramatic change to the interface compared to previous windows and I found myself at a loose end trying to work out this new and confusing interface. It took some time to get used to but now it’s my everyday operating system.

To avoid any surprises this time around I’ve decided to take a look at Windows 10 Tech preview and familiar myself with the OS.

Here are some of the features you can expect to see in Windows 10

The Start Menu is Back

After Microsoft surprised the majority of windows users with the new and confusing start menu in windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft have decided to remove this completely from Windows 10 and revert back to a look we are all familiar with from windows 7.

Manu bar EDIT

As you can see with Windows 10  you can now pin your apps to the side of the start menu and re-size like you could with windows 8.1.

The widgets can have the live tile turned on or off and the widgets that sit within the start menu can be customized to the widgets of your choice. The widgets size can also be customized from wide, large, medium and small just like in windows 8.1.

Another handy feature is the ability to re-size the start menu completely and have the menu bar as tall or as wide as you  like.

Resize menu bar

What if I don’t want the start menu?

Well Microsoft thought of that and Windows 10 allows you to switch between the Start Menu and Start Screen.

To enable this simple click the start button and type ‘navigation properties’ and select ‘navigation properties’.

Within the start menu tab, unscheck ‘Use the Start menu instead of the Start Screen and then click OK.

You may need to log off for the changes to take effect and then you will be using the Start screen your familiar with in Windows 8.1.

Start Screen

Improved Multitasking and Multiple Desktops

Microsoft are adding popular features which can be found in Linux and OS X operating system, which is a multitasking feature known as ‘Task View’ on Windows. Here you can see all the Windows you have open at once.

Multitasking EDIT

With Multiple Desktops which is known as ‘Spaces’ on Mac allows one to organize windows using the multiple desktop feature.

You can also use short cuts to make virtual desktop that much easier to use. One of the short cuts is Win-Tab which brings up an ‘Expose-like’ interface. This allows users to create and switch between desktops however there doesn’t seem to be any animation when changing the desktops like OS X has.

The new and improved Command Prompt

For those of you who use the command prompt you will be happy to hear that Command Prompt will be getting keyboard shortcuts. YES THAT’S RIGHT! Keyboard shortcuts is coming to Windows 10 in the 21st century Command Prompt. Now you can Ctrl V your commands to paste them in and make life that much easier.

In addition to the short cuts if you  right-click on the title bar of the command prompt window and navigate to ‘Properties’ > ‘Experimental’ there are several new features you can enable and test.


Pinnable Recycle Bin

Not exactly ground breaking nor will this be a major key point in windows 10 but in this OS you have the option to pin the recycled bin on both the start menu and also the task bar. This may be handy for quick and easy access.

Recycle bin EDIT


File Explorer with a new ‘Home’ Tab

File Explorer has a new ‘Home’ tab which displays all your frequently accessed folders. Within this you can also pin folders for quick access as you can see below.