You wouldn’t trust an unqualified, inexperienced mechanic to fix your car and you wouldn’t take advice on building an extension from a plumber, so how do you ensure that you have the right team to look after your IT systems?

Here are some things to look out for to get the most out of your next IT support provider:

Word of mouth:

Nothing fills you with confidence more than hearing from a satisfied customer of a potential service provider. Any IT support provider worth their salt will have testimonials on their website and on marketing materials. They should also be able to provide you with some contact details for existing clients who can speak unbiased about their own IT Support experience. Speak to these clients, ask them what the company do well and where they can improve.


The people that you hire to work on your IT systems should be qualified and experienced in real world scenarios. Speak to the company and ask them about their background, experience and qualifications. Ensure their qualifications are up to date – things change rapidly in IT and any good professional will continue to gain skills and experience.

Understanding your business:

Most people want to work with others who understand their businesses requirements. Does the potential provider talk to you about your requirements and what your business needs from its IT? Or do they spend all their time telling you what they can do or what they recommend? A clear understanding of requirements and expectations is essential. Make sure you have these detailed before signing up.

Service Levels and Response Times:

If your server dies at 10am on a Monday, you don’t want to be waiting until late on Friday to get it sorted. Ensure that you have the response times and level of service that you need before committing further. This way you can be confident that problems and issues will be resolved in a timely manner or you have cause for complaint/compensation etc.

Customer Service:

IT companies often confuse clients with technical jargon and over-charge for time, hardware etc. To avoid this seek out several quotes and look for the things that are most valuable to you, tick as many customer service boxes as you can before signing up for anything. Go beyond this by asking current clients, of the provider you are considering, about their opinion for the customer service. Don’t just settle for “it’s pretty good”, look for specifics, ask for what stands out. Are they friendly and understanding, do they have excellent value for money, or are they proactive and professional?


IT support providers have had it their own way too long. IT companies are used to charging already extortionate prices for their time and then putting a 25% markup on hardware, but this can be avoided. Compare prices from multiple quotes from different providers to make sure that you have good value for your money and that you are being treated fairly – everyone has to make a living but no one has to be ripped off.


If you’re looking for out of this world IT support, consider these six essential factors when looking for your next IT Support provider. Whether you require an unbiased evaluation of tender responses or expert guidance in selecting a service provider, don’t hesitate to call us today.

If you are located within South Wales, the Midlands, or the South West, and you’re determined to secure a team that excels in delivering the best results at the most competitive rates, request a quote from us. We assure you that we tick all of the boxes above.