During my last review one of my goals for the next period was to perform a solo on site visit for a client. I was tasked with going to a client site in Cardiff to help their director, Toni, out with Asset Tagging and to install a new monitor for herself.

I arrived at the location and introduced myself to Toni, who gave me a tour of the building and introduced me to her colleagues (who were all very nice!). After the tour of the building I set up her new 27″monitor and configured it so she could have a dual display (this allowed her to then drop documents on to the secondary display while using her primary display to check her emails and carry on with day to day tasks). Toni then told me what my main task for the day would be – to build an asset register for all of the IT equipment in the building from Desktops, Monitors, Laptops, Servers, Routers, Docking stations, White boards, projectors and a new Security system.

Toni had given me a template that she had created in Microsoft Excel and explained to me the purpose of what the asset register was for and what details would need recording. I then set off to start building the asset register for her, a couple of hours later I returned back to her office to show her my progress and to recharge the battery in my laptop. Once my laptop had recharged I set off to finish the building which in total included 17 different rooms from offices to training & conference rooms. During my trip around the site I met many staff who were all willing to help when I asked them could I asset tag their equipment. I returned to Toni to give her the asset register and she was very happy with all the details that I had taken and the amount of time that it had taken me, it was a pleasure to visit there and I look forward to visiting them again in the future. On my return to the office I had an exceptionally pleasing welcome from my managers who had received the following testimonial:

“Well what a an ambassador for Orbits Dean was today, he listened to my requirements, kept me up to date on his progress and worked very well.  I would have no hesitation in welcoming him back to carry out any other duties and I would be grateful if you could also pass on my thanks to him”.

In view of this my first solo site visit proved successful. I look forward to visiting other clients.