As the pandemic has changed how we work, so too have our expectations for office equipment. SMEs want and need flexibility, and this continues to be highlighted by the popularity of most recent addition to Orbits IT’s products and services: the Microsoft 365 Business Voice phone system.

Jim Lewington, Managing Director of Orbits IT, says:

“Many businesses are using Microsoft Teams, which has proven to be a lifeline for facilitating remote and hybrid working throughout the pandemic. As a natural extension of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, we are now offering the Microsoft 365 Business Voice phone system. This a modern, cloud-based telephony solution, which brings calling, chat and meetings into the Teams app. And importantly for our clients, it also brings telephone and IT services under one roof with no need for a dedicated telecoms provider.

“The demand for this phone system has been phenomenal. For businesses that are already using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, Business Voice is the natural next step. In the same way Teams has changed how we communicate and collaborate, Business Voice is completely transforming the business phone system.

“Business Voice is cheaper than a traditional telephony and offers far greater flexibility. Every user can be assigned a single phone number to use in conjunction with their mobile, desk phone handset and/or across their PC/laptop (with a headset). All that’s needed to make calls is an internet connection.

“What’s more, because the system is cloud-based, changes like diversions can be easily made and staff can be swiftly added or removed; there is no need for costly new extensions.”

Jim Lewington

The pandemic means there are still many uncertainties but what is for certain is the Microsoft 365 Business Voice from Orbits IT will keep your business running efficiently and professionally, regardless of where staff are working.

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For more information about how your organisation can benefit from Microsoft 365 Business Voice, please get in touch for a no obligation chat. You don’t have to be an existing Orbits client to reap the benefits of this phone system.