Hello, I’m Phil.

After moving to Barry, Wales last year, I’m back working in IT. I’ve spent a few years working as a support worker specializing in individuals with Autism. Very keen to be working with computers again and using the communication skills i acquired during my time as a support worker to further improve my troubleshooting abilities.

I have always loved technology, building my first computer with my father at the age of 9. I then continued to expand my knowledge during my teenage years, even making money from repairing or building friends computers. I then undertook an Advanced IT and Networking apprenticeship gaining my Comptia+ and Microsoft certifications as well as other smaller units. I then went on to manage a small team providing remote Microsoft support to clients in America.

Unfortunately, at this point my life took a bit of a turn when my grandmother passed away. Fortunately, I then had the opportunity to become my grandfathers full time carer and lived with him while he adjusted. This steered me away from IT for a while and more towards care and eventually support work but I have always maintained my passion for technology.

In my spare time you can usually find me watching mixed martial arts, reading comic books, playing video games or eating, I love food.