Dependable and organised, Morgan always gets issues resolved and projects completed. Whether it is onsite or in the workshop he’s ready to get stuck into anything passed to him. Morgan enjoys going to site and being able to speak with clients face-to-face to gather the information needed to be able to solve any issue as efficiently as possible.

To get to know Morgan more he was asked some questions:

What motivates you to do your job the most?

Successfully being able to help others with their problems is always a huge motivation. It feels great to be able to assist clients with their issues, so that businesses can stay on track and remain performing at their best.

What has it been like doing your apprenticeship at Orbits IT?

Carrying out my apprenticeship here at Orbits has been unique. I have been able to learn whilst being on the helpdesk and being out on site. I am always learning something new and will continue this as I take on new and different challenges each day. Whether I am onsite or in the office I am certainly up for any challenge.

Do you work more individually or more as a team within your role?

Depending on the task at hand I could be working on it individually or as a team. For example, when I am on site or working on tickets in the helpdesk it is usually on an individual basis but when working on projects this can often be as a team. We will always work together as a team when needed to get things completed.

How long have you been working at Orbits IT and what have you learnt since working here?

I have been here working at Orbits for around a year and 3 months now and one thing I have learnt that stands out is learning how to set up VPNs. This has been important for me to learn very quickly, early on as this was a very common request we received, especially during the lockdowns due to COVID-19, as many clients began to work from home.

Orbits Operations Director, Dean Bengough, says this about Morgan…

It’s been a pleasure to watch Morgan grow and develop over the last 15 months whilst he has been working through his apprenticeship. Morgan has quickly adapted to the different tasks and projects set and constantly delivers. Morgan spent the first six months of his apprenticeship learning the service desk role and has recently found himself working on client projects and site visits where required.

Morgan often receives fantastic feedback from clients and offers excellent customer service all around. I look forward to seeing Morgan complete his apprenticeship over the next few months.