No matter how difficult or technical a project may be, Anthony is the man to see it through. Paying close attention to the detail of a project and being persistent no matter how long it takes Anthony takes pride in finding the best solution every time.

There is nothing Anthony would rather do than find the solution to a clients problem and deliver the good news. Always keen to assist his colleagues and bring new ideas and suggestions to the table, Anthony is a key member of the Orbits IT team.

Along with being a brilliant team member he is a winner of 2020’s employee of the year – along with James Dunn.

To get to know Anthony a little more, we asked him a few questions:

Orbits IT About Us Anthony Hill

What does an average week look like for you?

No week is ever the same for me, its always incredibly busy no matter what day of the week. I’m always working on different projects which can vary from cloud migrations to server configurations or Teams Business Voice setups. In some cases, I can even be resolving the issues caused by power outages or technical faults so that our clients’ businesses are able to function as normal.

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What is your favourite part of the job?

Talking to and helping our clients is a big part of my job each day. It is always a nice feeling as we are very lucky that all our clients are friendly, patient and understanding. When the best solution is found it feels especially rewarding – It makes my day as well as our clients’.

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What is the most common kind of issue that you receive?

The most common issue that I see go through the helpdesk is password resets which, fortunately, are very easy for our first line support team to resolve but it has big impact on our clients if they can’t access a device or system they rely on for their work. Personally though, I’m always dealing with the more obscure tasks which aren’t very common and require a little more digging into. I’m always kept on my toes!

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What do you think makes Orbits IT unique?

The great communication within all levels of Orbits allows us to be able to work as one even from different offices or as the last year has proved – from home. Communicating as a team is essential when we give support to lots of different clients, from lots of different organisations every day.

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Orbits Director, Jim Lewington, says this about Anthony…

Anthony is a key member of our support team and has a broad knowledge of our clients systems and requirements. Anthony joined us as a First Line Support technician but his technical proficiency soon saw him move up to Second Line where he handles the trickier technical issues. I was delighted to see Anthony jointly awarded Employee of the Year 2020 – along with James Dunn. Anthony always finds time to assist his colleagues and delivers exceptional customer service at all times. I look forward to Anthony continuing to develop and progress with us at Orbits IT.

Jim Lewington