Many users have reported the MYKI desktop app showing a black screen upon initial installation.

Fortunately, the fix to this issue is relatively straight forward!

A short guide to resolving this issue can be found below.

Step 1. Uninstalling the current installation of MYKI

The first step of resolving this issue is removing the MYKI software from your machine. MYKI can be found in the ‘Programs and Features’ section of the control panel or the ‘Apps & Features’ section of the Windows 10 settings.

Step 2. Removing the MYKI roaming and local folders from AppData

The next step is removing the MYKI local and roaming folders from AppData. The AppData folder can be accessed by using the keyboard shortcut ‘WIN+R’, using this shortcut will open the ‘Run’ box. Once the Run box opens we can then enter %appdata% and then hit OK.

After hitting OK we will be taken to the Roaming folder of AppData. In here there should be a folder for MYKI, remove this and then go back a directory. After going back one directory there should be three folders Local, LocalLow & Roaming. As we’ve already removed the MYKI folder from Roaming we can open the Local folder and remove the MYKI folder.

For some users just removing the MYKI roaming and local folders from AppData seems to fix the issue, but if you are still receiving a black screen after re-installing MYKI, please see the next step.

Step 3. Removing the MYKI regedit entries.

If you are still experiencing issues launching MYKI, removing the MYKI regedit entries may be the next step to resolving the issue.

Registry Editor can be accessed by typing ‘regedit’ in the Windows taskbar search. Once regedit has opened hit the F3 key and you should be prompted to enter text in the ‘Find what’ field. In this field we will need to type ‘MYKI’ and delete as many entries that are related to the MYKI installation.

After removing the MYKI related regedit entries we can now reinstall the MYKI software. Once the installation has finished you should now be able to open the MYKI desktop application without any issues.

For those that are still unable to launch MYKI after carrying out the above fix, please consider emailing MYKI support on the following email address:

Edit: MYKI has since been discontinued. Many great alternatives are available as password managers become increasingly popular.