So you’ve decided to be brave and get yourself  a Windows 8.1 PC or device.
First you need to decide which edition of Windows 8.1 you want.

Very simply, if you are using your PC or laptop at home you will need the standard edition of windows 8.1
If you have a business or company that has a server, you will need Windows 8.1 Pro. This has advanced settings that provide enhanced protection and encryption for your files and clients etc. which you can control yourself. Be aware however, that a server will only connect with the Pro edition, the standard edition is not compatible. If you are a business without a server, the standard edition is the best option for you.

So what are some of the features of Windows 8.1?

One of the new features that a lot of people are talking about is the touch screen capability. You can choose to get yourself a touch screen monitor or a tablet.
The touch screen capability makes your tiles interactive. For example, you’ll see unread emails in your mailbox. Your music app will show what track is currently playing, also your calendar will show upcoming appointments. You get the point. So it’s made very easy for you to quickly scan what’s going on in your world and also get into your apps to use them.


As mentioned above, Windows 8.1 is more secure. It has new advanced features that focus on security and encryption alone.
It has a new and improved anti-virus software called Windows Defender. This provides daily updates and daily scans. This software is also inbuilt with every Windows 8 device so you don’t have to pay a subscription to update your anti- virus every year. For extra protection, just to be on the safe side, Orbits recommend you download Webroot secure anywhere . Here’s the website

 Many more people are now using multiple monitors to complete their daily tasks.
The new feature in Windows 8.1 is that you’ll be able to have the start screen, for example, on one screen and something else on the other screen. You can choose any other page or app to open on either of your monitors.
You can even choose different wallpapers for each screen. (I love this as I can never decide which wallpaper I want.)
Another great feature for this is you can connect a  projector to your monitor so that everyone in the office can see you’re doing.
You can connect most monitors using   DVI, VGA or HDMI cables. Or if you’re really fancy you could do it wirelessly. More info on this on Windows website.

Windows to go please 

Another new feature is users are able to make a copy of their OS complete with their settings, wallpapers, files and even apps onto a USB!
You’ll only be able to use it on other Windows 8 PCs, but the concept is great! You have all your settings, data, apps, the lot at your finger tips!

As an alternative to Windows to go, Windows offer ‘live syncing.’ This means that you can log onto any Windows 8 PC  with a Live ID, this will bring up all your personalised settings and data.

The main difference between the two is that Windows to go can be used by companies and businesses. It makes it easier for administrators, employers and employees to share and distribute the same settings, wallpapers, apps, files etc.

The new version of  Windows is quite interesting and I’m sure there’ll be more updates and new features to follow this one. If you need any more info check out the Windows website.