Ever found yourself trying to load a flash based website on an iPhone or an iPad and you are met with Adobe Flash Player.


Recently I purchased an online training course to help me complete my exam that I plan on sitting in the near future, only to find that most of the learning materials were flash based (slideshows, online quizzes, etc)

I could log in to the website and access the different topics but then was met with the above screenshot when trying to access the flash materials using Apple’s own browser Safari.

I spent a bit of time reading about flash player and why it wasn’t supported. Please see: http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/

I found a post online that mentioned it was possible to open flash based content using a different browser on the iPad/iPhone. The browser was known as “Puffin Web Browser”.

I downloaded the Puffin Web Browser (Free!) from the app store on the iPad. (Two Week Trial of Flash)

Puffin Free

I logged into my online course materials and could actually load the flash content see below. The webpage loaded without any errors and I could watch the flash presentations and complete the interactive quizzes.

Flash Puffin

Another Example of a flash Website using Puffin Web Browser.

Apple Safari Browser (left) Puffin Browser (Right) same webpage.

Safari VS Puffin

A premium version of Puffin Browser is also available to download from the app store that allows unlimited usage of Flash and also plugins including EverNote, Pocket and Facebook.

Puffin Premium

More about Puffin Browser can be found at this link: http://www.puffinbrowser.com/index.php