I have been working for the Orbits team for eighteen days now, however, it is with great sadness that I must finally relieve the Jed train of its duties.

Well, all train terminology aside, it has to be said. No matter how much I would like to continue working here, I must finally take my leave, as I need to go back to the Sixth Form to continue with my studies. But, enough of that. This is making my blog post sound very depressing, which is different to how I want it to sound.

While it is sad that I must leave the Orbits team, I can go out of the door, confidently saying that I have achieved something here. Working here at Orbits has given me a tremendous amount of insight into the working world, and has also given me a lot of experience, as well.

I have learnt many different skills here such as how to setup and speed up computers, back up files with software such as ‘Paragon’, setup e-mail accounts for myself and other users, as well as many other skills.

So, basically, I would like to thank Jim and Pete for giving me the opportunity to work here. The fact that they gave up some of their time to teach me all these different skills, and help me with any problems I had means a tremendous lot to me, and I cannot begin to thank them enough for this experience. I would also like to think that both I and they got something out of this.

As I require additional work experience next year, it would be great if I could come back to Orbits for some more work experience. That is, if Jim and Pete are okay with it, of course.  xD


Well, anyway, I would like to thank the Orbits team again for giving me this opportunity, and I will be sure to keep in touch.

Hopefully, I will be back here again to do more work experience at some point.

Thank you!

This is your’s truly, signing off!



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