As many of you will know from this post Orbits signed up to take part in a sponsored Zip Line from the Newport Transporter Bridge, in aid of The Stroke Association. Unfortunately, Pete had to pull out due to a family commitment but Jim couldn’t find a valid excuse not to do it and so it was that at 11am on Sunday the 10th of July, Jim found himself 50 metres up clinging on for dear life to whatever solid bit of metal he could find!

It looks alot bigger in real life!

Having joined up with  fellow members of Team Stroke on terrafirma, Jim registered and got suited up. Hard Hat – check. Harness – check. Parachute – not likely! Then began the long climb to the launch point up 11 sets of steps. Not being one for heights, it was only the peer pressure of the other jumpers which kept Jim going up and not scrambling back down to safety and humiliation!

Having watched 4 or 5 of Team Stroke go first, it came to Jim’s time and so he clambered out on to the launch point, onto the step ladder and grabbed hold of the instructor like a Koala Bear. Once the harness was hooked up to the zip line Jim had to climb over the railing and do his very best not to look down. There was a short delay whilst the instructor got a  GO, GO, GO from the ground crew and then the safety harness was undone and all Jim had to do was let go of the rail……..

Gravity Takes Over

Finally there was a cry of ‘Fly Fatman Fly’ and gravity took hold launching Jim 300 metres in about 8 seconds. What followed was alot of flailing limbs, a few quiet prayers and an immense sense of relief when the slow down mechanism kicked in and Jim had survived.

Orbits would like to thank everyone who sponsored us for this event and congratulations to all of Team Stoke who completed the event and raised in excess of £2000 for a great cause.

Don’t believe anyone who says he screamed like a girl!