Don’t risk losing your data


If your data isn’t backed up, your business could lose everything including files, emails and systems. The risks are too high to leave backups to chance.

  • Automatic, secure, off site storage
  • Your data available 24/7 from any PC
  • Only changes to files are uploaded, saving time and bandwidth
  • No contracts and 30-day trial available
  • Value for money
Orbits IT Remote Backup

Orbits IT is trusted by over 200 organisations of all sizes and from all sectors

Schedule automatic daily backups

Your backup is only as good as the last time it was run. Weekly backups are OK, but daily is better – to lose a weeks worth of work is a big loss!

Orbits remote backup is a fully automated service that runs in the background without disturbing you. Once active, you’ll never have to worry about your backups again.

Data stored securely online

Essential data is only safe if your backup is stored in a separate location. Disasters like fire, flood and theft can destroy your backups along with the original if they are kept together.

Instead of taking an external hard drive or tape home every day, Orbits remote backup uploads your data to our servers overnight.

Orbits remote backup encrypts all the data while it is being transferred and when it is stored on our server. You create a password when you install the software and without this no one has access to your files.

Advanced server options

As well as files and folders many businesses rely on other, more advanced computer systems such as an email server for sending employee and client information over email conversations.

Orbits remote backup can also automatically backup advanced systems such as Microsoft Exchange Servers, Microsoft SQL Servers and MySQL Servers.

With Orbits remote backup taking care of your vital systems, you can concentrate on what you do best.

Remote backup features

  • No upfront hardware costs
  • Backup only changes, saving time and bandwidth
  • Scheduled to run overnight and with no disruption
  • Secure AES-256 encryption
  • Expert help from Wales’ leading IT support company when you need it most

Let’s get started

  • Download and install the remote backup software
  • Run the software and create an account
  • Choose which files and folders to backup
  • Set the schedule for when the backup runs
  • Sit back and relax knowing your data is protected!

Together we will put your business in to Orbit

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