Hello, my name is Adebisi Adeliyi and I have just started as a First Line support technician with Orbits IT. This is my second role within IT, I have had experience working in IT support during my previous role. I’m hoping many of my skills and experience are transferable to my new role. The biggest difference will be communicating with the customer over the phone or email rather than in person which may take some getting used to.

I have always been interested in IT, ever since I was little, I just have a passion of fixing computer related issues for people. Hopefully, the skills I have can be used to ensure the Orbits IT customers have a quick and pleasant experience with us.

Outside work, I enjoy playing football which involves working within a team environment, hopefully I can translate that into my new role. I also like to use gaming to relax in the evenings and enjoy going out with friends for a drink.

I can’t wait to start my IT experience with Orbits IT.