Caitlin is always trying her best to learn and develop new skills whilst working on new tickets. She remains very persistent when tackling new issues, even if that means a few questions for the team along the way, to ensure the best solution is found for each ticket she works on.

She enjoys all aspects of the job, from the lovely office environment to striking up a conversation with a client whilst she works through their issue on the phone. Her chatty and friendly personality makes it easy to look forward to calling the helpdesk.

To get to know Caitlin we asked her some questions:

Orbits Servicedesk Manager, Hollie Xerri, says this about Caitlin…

Caitlin joined us as a IT Support Apprentice almost 6 months ago along with Ryan and since then Caitlin has gained lots of confidence answering calls & logging tickets as well as multitasking different tasks that she’s never done before.

Caitlin is very competitive and is often battling with Ryan to be top of the leader board each week.

Blossoming is the word for Caitlin, she too has come from no IT experience but her knowledge & skill set is growing each day, her customer service levels are excellent & she’s always a happy bubbly person no matter the time or day.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Caitlin the last few months & I am delighted to have her on the team. Looking forward to seeing her progress here at Orbits IT!