Hello, my name is Luke Pemberton and I have just started as a First Line support technician with Orbits IT. This is my first role within IT but I have come from a customer facing help desk role within Aston Martin, so I’m hoping many of my skills are transferable to my new role. The biggest difference will be communicating with the customer over the phone or email rather than in person which may take some getting used to.

I have always been interested in IT, through my education choices and finding out how things work, which led to me to recently build my first PC and push me towards applying for my first job in the industry.  I have recently completed my A+ Certification which I believe has helped me get my foot in the door within the industry. Hopefully my customer service experience can be used to ensure the Orbits IT customers have a quick and pleasant experience with us.

In my spare time I like to play rugby and I am captain of my local rugby team which involves a lot of planning and working within a team environment, which can hopefully translate into my new role. I also like to use gaming to relax in the evenings and enjoy going out with friends for a drink.

I can’t wait to get my IT career started with Orbits IT.