Hardworking, committed, and confident, Ryan is always willing to go the extra mile to support clients. Ryan is always confident in his own ability to get the job done. With the first contact for clients, keeping disruption to a minimum is an absolute priority and will begin to accumulate ideas for solutions on the spot.

As an apprentice, Ryan is always experiencing and learning through the many different tasks given to him. He enjoys the forever changing working day as he gets stuck in to help where he can.

To get to know Ryan more he was asked some questions:

How long have you been working at Orbits IT and what have you learnt since working here?

Over the last 6 months of working at Orbits IT I have learnt a lot. I began this job with almost no IT experience and now, with the huge range of things I have been taught, I can confidently support clients with many different issues. I have also developed my customer service skills which is essential for this role.

Do you work more individually in your role or more as a team?

I find what I do to be quite team based. This is because many of the resources I use to solve tickets are from documents or old tickets that other members of the team have created in the past. Also, tickets in your own name can get moved around so it important to work as a team so that the process goes smoothly.

What has it been like doing your apprenticeship at Orbits IT so far?

I have enjoyed my apprenticeship so far; there has been a great balance of working and learning. It hasn’t just been constant calls and emails; I have also had the opportunity to be in the workshop (looking into hardware issues) and work on various larger projects.

Why did you go for an apprenticeship and has it been beneficial?

Since finishing school and completing some further education I decided I wanted to get stuck into work. An apprenticeship was the good way to go as even with getting stuck in I can get the training and qualifications I want at the same time. I much prefer to be practical based, being hands on and learning new skills, especially with the type of work ethic I have; I am always looking to help solve any problems I can.

Orbits Servicedesk Manager, Hollie Xerri, says this about Ryan…

Ryan joined us almost 6 months ago and since joining he’s flown through his training, gained lots of confidence answering calls and is currently top of our leader board with most resolved tickets!

Very impressive considering Ryan has come from a retail background with no IT experience but has grasped his IT Support Apprentice role excellently and is a real credit to the team! Whilst working as hard as he can on the servicedesk, Ryan also assists the engineers with site visits and builds. It’s been a pleasure to spend the last few months getting Ryan up to speed and I look forward to seeing him progress here at Orbits IT!