Hello, my name is Harrison Sasin, and I am currently doing a IT support apprenticeship with Orbits IT.

Before I joined Orbits IT, I used to work in a pub which involved a lot of team work and excellent customer service skills. I learned how to communicate clearly between my fellow workers and customers, whilst also being friendly too. I picked up these basic skills at my time working in the pub. Now I can transfer these essential skills over to the IT support side, whilst making slight tweaks to the customer service side, as this will not be done by face-to-face service. I hope to make Orbits’ clients lives easier and make sure that their issues are sorted.

When I was at college I studied IT, I enjoyed every lesson and could not wait for the next one to come around. This has a big influence on me wanting to take a career in IT. Additionally, from a very young age technology/computers have always interested me. At first, it was what technology does, and as I have gotten older, I want to learn how computers operate. All of this is essential if I want to be successful in my apprenticeship. In my spare time I like to spend time with friends to watch football games, whether it is on the tv or going to a stadium, as well as playing video games, going for a drink or just generally hanging out.

I cannot wait to get started and assist Orbits’ clients with their needs.