As Orbits’ Operations Director, Dean is highly organised to ensure that the team are working through projects that are set and deadlines are met. This means always planning and preparing for future projects to make sure clients are pleased, whilst disruption is kept to a minimum. Dean spends a lot of time researching, to ensure the best solution is proposed every time.

Not only is Dean there to provide outstanding customer service to new and existing clients, but he also provides support for the team internally, creating opportunities for each member of staff to grow and develop. He knows that to keep happy clients the work environment needs to be made enjoyable for staff too.

To get to know Dean more he was asked some questions:

What does an average week look like for you?

Each week is always busy with planning projects, reviewing support tickets, and catching up with existing clients. This means lots of online meetings each week, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic restricting the opportunity to have face-to-face meetings. I work closely with suppliers to build key relationships which then allows us to be able to present clients with the best hardware and software solutions.


What do you think makes Orbits IT unique?

Customer service is key, our organisation has been built on this from day one. We stand out when it comes to customer service as we all go above and beyond for our clients. We regularly speak with our existing client base which allows us to be part of their future development plans to ensure they can embrace the latest technology.

We are fortunate to provide IT support to all types of organisations from commercial companies, charities and start-ups.

The team always make sure that we create a friendly and professional environment no matter the type of business we are working with.


How do you think Orbits IT will change over the next 12 months?

Continuing internal developments with new staff and apprentices, whilst also exploring new partnerships to allow us to provide additional services to existing and prospective clients. We are hoping that we can revert to face-to-face meetings over the next few months and arrange catch-up reviews with our clients. Lots has changed over the last 18 months with more and more clients moving to home working we will play a key part to assisting with this to ensure their systems are robust and reliable.


How has your role changed since starting at Orbits?

My role has changed drastically over the last 9 years. I first started with Orbits IT in July 2012 as a part time work experience student, I’ve been fortunate to work on the Helpdesk as a first line support agent which developed into Helpdesk Manager, Office Manager and In April 2016 I became the Operations Director. I now focus on making sure clients and staff are happy whilst looking into new opportunities to allow the company to continue to develop. I have seen the company grow from 3 to 17 staff, from serving clients from 1 to now 3 locations and many new clients joining us over the last 9 years.


Further comments from Dean…

I look forward to continuing to support our existing clients and seeing our team develop and grow and embrace new technology. I’m very much looking forward to building relationships with new clients and partners over the next few years – this will allow us to grow as a company and open new opportunities for all.