Efficient and persistent, Lee won’t settle for a quick fix. He is always making sure that long-term solutions are found for any issues and tries to implement them. Lee savours looking at ways to automate processes to make life easier for both the client and ourselves. Lee enjoys helping clients and strives to resolve as many issues as he can whilst maintaining the high standards of customer service that is expected at Orbits IT, even on busy days.

To get to know Lee more he was asked some questions:

What does an average week look like for you?

There are similarities between every week, but they are also all very different. Each day we take tickets from clients and work through them, but the tickets and clients can vary from day to day. There is always a new issue to solve and another client to help. I’m always on my toes as I don’t know what kind of ticket I will receive until I already have it.

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Do you work more individually in your role or more as a team?

To begin with, after receiving a ticket I will work on it individually to solve the problem. However, the team is also there to help if a ticket becomes more complicated and out of my expertise. If someone in the team has a large amount of experience on a specific problem which I will be working on they will often chip in and offer advice on how to fix it. When this situation does occur, I make sure to pay attention so I am able to fix a similar issue if it arises again as I will then have the correct knowledge.

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Why do you think it is important to build a relationship with clients?

It is important that relationships are kept professional and that expectations are understood thoroughly. Making sure that this remains is key to providing the best and correct IT Support possible for each individual client with every ticket that we receive.

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How do you think Orbits IT has changed in the last 12 months?

The biggest change that has happened within the last 12 months has been the dynamic between the way we are working, as it is being done remotely for many. Despite the new set up of working being very different to what it was before, there hasn’t been any issues with communication or teamwork. This has made working feel the very similar despite the change of environment.

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Service Desk Team Leader, Hollie Xerri, says this about Lee…

Lee has excelled really well since joining Orbits IT in December 2019 and has settled into the team nicely. He has great customer service skills, does well with troubleshooting & resolving issues. Lee always does his best to ensure our clients are happy. Lee is never satisfied until he’s followed a task through properly and is always determined to work on any tasks given to him. It’s been great to see Lee’s progression over the last couple of years and I hope he continues to progress within the company!