Every year at Orbits IT, all employees vote for a colleague who they feel deserve the accolade of’ ‘Employee of the Year’. Perhaps the nominee has gone above and beyond for Orbits’ clients or they have particularly helped a new employee settle into the organisation. Whatever the reason, the winner receives a cash prize, their Birthday off in the coming year and more importantly their face on the wall of every Orbits IT office! The 2020 vote was incredibly close and this year two victors emerged – James Dunn and Anthony Hill!

Orbits Director, Jim Lewington, says this about our 2020 winners…

I am delighted to see both Anthony and James recognised by their peers as Employee of the year. In Anthony we have someone who has been with us for several years and is recognised internally for helping others where he can whilst always delivering excellent service to clients. James, on the other hand, has only been with us for a little over 12 months, with no previous IT support experience, but he hit the ground running and has embraced our customer focussed ethos and regularly receives Gold Stars from our clients for his work.

What pleases me most is that there was a wide range of nominations for Employee of the Year with lots of names put forward for very good reasons. It’s all about the team work but there are times when individuals need to be recognised as well. Well done both.

Jim Lewington
Orbits IT About Us Anthony Hill

Anthony is a part of the helpdesk team on second line support and has worked at Orbits for almost 4 years. Many great things were said about Anthony when took place voting this year including:

Anthony takes what I believe is a fair few calls from the lot of us regarding issues which we’re struggling with and despite this I don’t think he’s even once come across as tired of it or fed up in any way.

He’s always (provided he’s not massively busy) willing to take a look at things with you if needed and will often be able to at the very least point you in the right direction.

Ant is always happy to help or does his best to fit time in to help with any queries. He also tries his best to explain issues or fixes as well.

Always helping out where he can when stuck on a ticket whether that’s showing me something new (has shown me quite a bit of exclaimer recently) or pointing us in the right direction of a fix.

Upbeat whenever I call (…well most of the time), and is always dropping tips or quicker how to’s for tickets. Has shown me how to use a lot of Atera functionality I wasn’t previously aware of and has been a big help when taking over server reports from him.

Ant has a very unique charisma, he has his own kind way to approach people. He is professional and very supportive at work, you may consider him as a key person in the helpdesk team.

He is one of the remarkable people in Orbits that I would remember when I leave. I can’t recommend him enough to be the employee of the year.

Orbits IT About Us James Dunn

James is also a part of the helpdesk team on first line support and has been at Orbits for a year and a half. Lots of great things were said about James whilst voting took place this year including:

I’d like to nominate James this year.

The reason is because he gives 100%, James’ stats and calls prove this as we know. James previously won quite a few helpdesk competitions in a row and when he stopped winning them he wasn’t happy (I found that this proved he always wanted to be top/showing he was doing his best which is a great attitude to have)

James monitors the helpdesk really well whilst I am on leave and I never come back to a mess! James comes to me if he spots anything out of line and is more than happy to help anybody with anything. James can be given a task that he’s never done before and really try his best. Always quick to put his hand up for extra work/tickets and is genuinely just a fun and friendly guy who I find really suits on the helpdesk as his positive vibes and good humour lift the teams spirit! Even Omair has come out of his shell since James joined! We needed that in the team!

James is also quick to stay behind if someone is stuck or struggling just so he can help them out even though he’s finished his shift! Top teamwork

Since starting for Orbits James has always been there to give me a hand. He has taught me a lot of what I know now and has provided me with guidance over the last 6 months. James has also made an effort to make me feel welcome.
Very impressed with James’ attitude to work and how he is always willing to get involved in things that he hasn’t seen/used before. I’ve not heard a negative comments about James from anyone (staff/clients) and his ticket numbers are good and quality of work is high. From a team leader point of view he steps up and ask questions when he is asked to cover and I’m confident the helpdesk is under control with Hollie being away.