Hi, my name is Nathan, and I’ve always loved technology, I wouldn’t say I was a techie when I was younger but I always liked different kind of consoles and played games and such on them, I always liked switching from one platform to another and enjoyed all types of tech along the way, and when I finally got a PC I knew it was for me. After finding my new love for PCs I stopped switching consoles all the time and stuck to PCs as I enjoyed it the most and as well I knew that if I stuck to PC I could actually get quite a lot of IT experience out of it, that I did, I then spent my time researching parts, upgrading my PC, fixing others PCs, diagnosing my own problems (ugh) and so on. After gaining this PC knowledge I then decided to try to branch out my skills by taking up college courses on IT that really broadened my perspective on what IT really is, and it really showed me that the IT world is really as expansive as a career can get as the different jobs can be so drastically worlds apart from the tasks that they are doing. Soon after completing college I was then offered a chance for a job by my brother in which I was once again able to branch out my skills, if college was software IT, the job would be called hardware as it can be, admittedly I soon left due to certain circumstances but that brings me to where I am today LMPQ. So far the LMPQ Infrastructure Technician course has been a great help as I’ve gained many workplace skills which can also benefit me in my non-work life eg body language skills. LMPQ have also been able to land me work experience, here at Orbits IT which will no doubt be a great help for me and my work skills and I’m excited to learn what I’m going to be doing today as I feel it’s a great place with many friendly and helpful people.