Hi my name is Daniel Wright and I’m excited to start working here in Orbits IT. I enjoy helping others with computing issues as I used to in secondary school lessons. Also I would  help family and friends setting up things such as internet boxes, TVs and consoles. As well as upgrading my own PCs specs. I’m starting to work here in an apprentice program working with LMPQ academy . I’m happy to be here working with the team in an environment I can learn and work in.

In my own time I will play games and watch anime you will mostly find me playing league of legends, CS:GO or in my VR headset. As well I like to listen to music while doing work or playing games on my own PC.

In the past 2 weeks I have learnt quite a lot with orbits IT. Just yesterday I was tasked with setting up a NAS server now this was something that was a challenge for me as I have never done anything similar to this before. I was a little confused on how to get started so I read a few posts online and watched a youtube video.

At this point I was starting to understand a bit more a wrote myself a guide that was easier to understand so I could follow my own guide going through it. As I was setting things up I ran the micro server though the synoboot file I made but  I realized I made mistakes and had to make a new file and fix those mistakes as I had obtained the wrong mac addresses and the wrong VID and PID codes.

After this fix I still ran into a few issues so I changed the way I was installing the synology by using DS3615xs instead of DS3617xs as that was what the other NAS server was running on this was what I needed from the start I believe as it worked straight away running into no problems and got straight into the setup and made a working NAS server.

Another thing I am now able to now do is use office to block spam emailers from emailing clients it was quite simple doing this as I just have to login to their admin account and changed blocked emails.

One other thing I learnt is how to set up a new build for a computer to do this you have to go into the Bios using f12 during start up in this bios you then enter setup through network and it will use the image on the deployment server used by windows to and then you will have files ready to install on the PC.

As well I have been out to client sites to set up monitors, Brackets for the monitors and a PC. This was fun as I enjoy doing things with hardware and DIY.

I also learned how to Use kill disk software and got to mess around with some hardware things there in replacing drives after they had wiped.

Also I have learnt how to change permissions of share files for people in share point. Which was fairly easy I just had to go onto their server remotely login to admin and change it.