The new year is now well and truly underway so perhaps there’s no better time to start thinking about your IT provider. Whether you’re not receiving the service you expect or are not sure if you’re paying over the odds, it makes business sense to regularly review your IT requirements against services you may – or may not – be receiving.

When a new customer gets in touch with us, the fear of disrupting business operations is often their key barrier to switching. Thankfully, this fear is completely unfounded. At Orbits IT we take care of everything and make it our priority to ensure switching is easy, smooth and seamless.

We do this in a number of ways:

  1. We listen carefully to fully identify and understand your IT requirements
  2. We liaise collaboratively and professionally with your previous IT provider to obtain the information we need and share this knowledge with you
  3. We keep you informed with regular communication
  4. We provide a dedicated point of contact – someone who is easy to reach and knows what’s going on
  5. Finally, preparation is key so we ensure everything is in place before the move. This includes backing up all your data and documenting all your IT assets to ensure nothing gets lost or forgotten about

Having switched to Orbits IT, our client David Wilton, Director of TPAS Cymru kindly provided this testimonial: “Having worked with many IT partners over the years, I am very impressed with Orbits IT. They are the best I’ve worked with including two FTSE 100 corporate in-house teams.”

We know that deciding to switch IT providers is not always an easy decision. We can assure you though that making the decision is the most difficult part! If you would like a proposal outlining how we would support your IT needs and add value to your organisation, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you. Call us today on 02920 003 313 (Cardiff), 0121 270 3377 (Birmingham) or send us an email.