Windows 10 is finally here but the question is ‘Should I upgrade?’…

Many clients have started to notice the icon on the right hand side of the taskbar as shown below.

Windows 10 Icon


By clicking the icon you will are presented with ‘How to get Windows 10 for free!’ window as you can see below and think to yourself “should I reserve?”

Windows 10 Reserve



The answer to the question is yes. Orbits recommend everyone reserving their free Windows 10 upgrade but to hold off from the update itself.

Why do Orbits recommend this?

Orbits recommend reserving the upgrade as it is only available for free for a limited amount of time. The reason we advise you to hold off from upgrading is like all new updates, there will be bugs and issues. The last thing you want is to upgrade your machines to run into a whole host of issues e.g software compatibility issues, network connectivity etc.

When should I upgrade?

Orbits recommend waiting as long as possible without missing out on your FREE upgrade. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates and keep an eye out on our website. Orbits will be keeping a close eye on any issues that the operating system has and will give the nod when to upgrade once we believe it is safe to do so.

Why upgrade at all?

Microsoft has announced that the update will be available for devices running Windows 7 or Windows 8 & 8.1 Free for the first year. After this you will be expected to pay for the new operating system. Windows 7 will no doubt be around for years but just like Windows XP it will eventually come to an end. Upgrading to Windows 10 guarantees you a longer life span with your operating system.

Orbits took the plunge and updated on the day of release and have been using it ever since.  When we feel comfortable that the operating system is reliable for clients we will start recommending the upgrade.