Want to be able to set up a Signature on Outlook 2013?

This week I had a request to setup a signature for a client on outlook 2013. At first I wasn’t sure where to look. After setting up the signature for one of our clients I decided to make this quick guide for others wondering how to set this up.

First navigate to File and Options within Outlook 2013.


On the left hand side there should be a option for mail. If you select Mail a new window should appear.


Select Signatures to bring up the ‘Signatures and Stationery’ window.


Here is where we can now create a new signature. Select new and type the name you want to call you signature. For this guide we will call this example.

Create New

With the Signature name in place you can now enter the signature you would like. You can customize the signature using the fonts, size, bold, italic, underline and colour options.

Sig Body

Once you have finished editing your signature head over to the ‘Chose default signature’ category. Select the drop down menu next to ‘New message’ and select the signature name you just created. You can also do the same if you wish to add the signature to both ‘Replies and Forward’ emails.

New Message Eample

Once selected click save then done.

Congratulations you have now setup a signature for your emails using Outlook 2013.