Windows XP poses an increased risk in 2014

Microsoft Windows XP is over 10 years old and despite several major upgrades in the form of Service Packs over the years, Microsoft is calling time on its most successful operating system ever. All extended support for Windows XP comes to an end in April 2014.

What does that mean for me?

Given there have been three versions of Windows since XP, essentially what Microsoft are saying is that from April 2014 they will no longer support Windows XP in any manner.

Updates to improve functionality have already been stopped but most importantly they will not be releasing any more patches to fix bugs or security problems. Without security patches from Microsoft, Windows XP becomes a minefield of security holes, vulnerabilities and open doors. It will only be a matter of time before any internet enabled Windows XP machine is compromised, regardless of running anti-virus software.

What are my options?


If the machine is of a suitable specification (usually under 4 years old) then it may be viable to upgrade the PC to Windows 7 Professional, as opposed to replacing the entire machine. Windows 7 Professional licences are around £100-£150. If a machine is under support from Orbits and requires an upgrade, we will perform the upgrade without charge.


If the current PCs are nearing the end of their life, then it may the time to replace. A good quality Desktop PC running Windows 7 Professional from a leading brand is around £400 +VAT and will give a good 5 years of life before the need to replace again.

If the hardware is purchased through Orbits and is to replace a system currently under support we will install and configure the new system at no extra cost.

Can I take the risk?

You can continue to use your Windows XP computers after April 2014, but it is our opinion that the risk of continuing to operate Windows XP is too great, so we will not be able to offer support on these when security patches are no longer released.

Orbits are here to help.

Whilst this may all sound a bit daunting, the benefits of moving to a new operating system and/or computer will soon reveal themselves with everything running faster and more reliably. Orbits are there to help you through the upgrade or migration to a new machine. We can ensure all your data is transferred, your new machine is configured just how you like it and that everything is running as it should be. For more details on Orbits Windows XP upgrades, please call us on 02920 003 313.