I have really enjoyed my time so far. I have learnt new ways of doing things on a computer.

I’ve learnt how to back up PC’s and on my first day I managed to help back up 6 PC’s which is really good as that is how many there was to do and they were all done in the first day.

I was then shown how to use Imgburn which I have used over the last 2 days to copy disks so the whole office has every disk needed. I am still doing the last few today and I am also putting them into there cases when they are all finished.  disk packs

Yesterday I went out of the office for a few hours and I went to Swansea with Toby. I went to see what he does when he is called out as I have only seen what it is like to work in a office so it was a great opportunity to go out and experience the sort of jobs Toby does when he is out. When I went out yesterday I watched as Toby set up a wireless connection point this meant that the people using computers that were unable to get connection all the time were then able to use there laptops and Ipads with no problem as soon as Toby set up the wireless access point.

Then we went further into Swansea to Gorseinon hospital because one of there PC’s broke and they were using a spare one so Toby took back there original one and swapped it back because it was fixed and ready to be connected again.

I enjoyed my time out and I’ve enjoyed my time here to still got another 2 days to learn a lot more!