Hi, my name is Hollie and I am doing work experience at Orbits for a week.

HollieI am in yr 10 at school and we have been given a week off to go out and experience what work is all about. I was nervous before I came in today but now I feel a lot better as everyone is very welcoming and they make you feel part of everything.

I wanted to do my work experience in Orbits because I wanted to understand what Orbits is all about. I am also very interested in IT and I hope to do something with IT when I leave school,  I have taken IT as one of my subjects in school and I really enjoy it so that is also another reason why I have decided to do my work experience with Orbits because I know I will enjoy it. I would like to get a feel of what it would be like to actually work for a company like this. I am looking forward to understanding everything about the company and I am very interested in finding out new things that might become useful in the future.

I have already logged into websites that I might need to use over the following week. I have also learnt that Orbits is a busy company as the phone always seems to be going so just by being in the same room I am already getting the feel of what it would be like to work for a company like this.

I’ll look forward to posting how my time has been here over the next few days.