Unfortunately, the day has finally come. The end to my second set of work experience here has finally arrived. Since the first time that I did work experience here at Orbits, I feel as though I have improved very much and that I have gained a much more substantial insight into the working world and how it operates on a daily basis.

I also feel as though I have gained a great deal from doing a second set of work experience here at Orbits. Because I have improved my knowledge relating to the workings of computer systems since I last did work experience here, I feel as though I have been able to complete tasks far quicker than the first time around. As such, I have been able to carry out a larger quantity of tasks than when I first did work experience here and, as a result, have learnt a lot more.

This time around, I also feel as though I learnt various skills that will likely help with tasks that I may have to carry out when I choose to pursue a job in IT in the future. A prime example of a valuable skill that I learned would be setting up a server to work as though it were an actual NAS (blog post: https://www.orbitsit.co.uk/2013/07/synology-nas-clone-build/). This was very beneficial as it taught me about the sheer range of things that can be done with a server-type build and how such things can be very helpful and make day-to-day tasks much more convenient and easier to do. For example, I had configured the HP micro-server to run the Synology operating system, allowing me to perform functions such as providing everyone at Orbits with a shared space to share files through. This could prove to be very beneficial in the future as my occupation may require that I do something similar such as setting up a network whereby people can share files.

Some other skills which I learnt over the course of my work experience here include securely blanking hard-drives so that any remaining data is difficult or impossible to salvage,  how to troubleshoot whether computer-related issues are due to a hardware or software failure, and much more!

At the end of the day, I suppose that I just want to get across that I am very thankful for being given the opportunity to work in a pleasant working environment, carrying out tasks that, as an IT fanatic, I enjoy very much. Even more so, I would like to specifically thank Jim and Pete for letting me come back to do some more work experience and for remaining patient with me whenever I came across an issue that I found difficult to resolve by myself. As such, I would be more than happy to return to Orbits in the future whenever help is needed!


Again, thank you for the opportunity and farewell, but hopefully not for the final time!


The man himself waving goodbye

The man himself, waving goodbye.