I have been setting up several client PCs with Outlook 2010 so they can get the best out of our Hosted Exchange 2010 system.

Some of these systems still use Office 2003 and as it’s only Outlook we need to upgrade we needed to leave the rest of the Office 2003 suite on the PC. Some install without issues, but several times I have been hit with the following error:



“An Office 2003 installation on your computer is corrupted and setup cannot continue. Remove or repair the Office 2003 product and re-run setup”

Repairing the install made no difference.

The Fix:

Open regedit


In there you will see a folder called Delivery

*Export this entry before making any changes*

Rename the Delivery folder to xDelivery

Close regdit

You can now run the installer and upgrade Outlook to 2010 without issue

*Note: If you are using a 64x version of windows, navigate to HKLM/SOFTWARE/WOW6432NODE/MICROSOFT/OFFICE/11.0