According to the latest news, an alleged Xbox 720 development kit, code-named ‘Durango’, has been sold $20,000 (or, approximately £12,833) on eBay!

The kit was sold by an individual going under the alias of ‘DaE’, who is apparently the same individual who leaked the very first images of the dev kit and the ‘Kinect 2.0’.

Recently, he announced via Twitter that he had sold one of the two dev kits that were allegedly in his possession – “I sold one of two I own. I still have the one that featured in news, the other one wasn’t really necessary to keep as a leg rest”.

As for the auction itself, the dev kit managed to attract forty-three bids from eighteen bidders. The winner who, from what I can tell, has remained anonymous, did not actually place a bid until the auction reached its later stages. The bidder did, however, make quite the significant leap to win the auction, taking the highest bid from $16,000 to $20,000.

DaE’s most recent tweets seem to suggest that he does not expect there to be any problems with the sale. That being said, development kits tend to remain property of the manufacturer and if they are distributed, they are usually done so under very strict guidelines. It will be interesting to see whether or not Microsoft gets involved in this matter however, if they do get involved, I should imagine that the consequences imposed should be rather hefty, to say the least.

The ‘Durango’ development kit was first mentioned back in February. The information was tweeted by ‘Crytek’ (who’s Twitter account has apparently been removed), although we have yet to receive any official confirmation from Microsoft on the development kit’s existence.