For years, Windows has been one of the most widely used operating systems among consumers, so it should be no surprise that the vast majority of people are anticipating ‘Windows 8’, Microsoft’s latest work.

According to the latest information, Windows 8 is currently going through the very last stages of its development cycle, which involves tasks such as checks and verifications. According to popular tech blog, ‘TheVerge’, the final build of Windows 8 will be 9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247 (or, 9200), as opposed to 8888, which was previously being reported. According to TheVerge, this information was gathered from their own sources, as well as ‘Win8China’.

Approximately nine days ago, ‘WinUnleaked’ released a few leaked screenshots of the latest RTM* build. The new build includes new wallpapers, the absence of  Aero Glass, user interface changes for Internet Explorer 10, and a brand new, albeit very minimal, boot screen. Win8China has released two wallpapers from the latest build and will, apparently, act as the default lock screen and desktop.

Excluding the lock screen’s wallpaper, the official wallpaper for Windows 8 has been revealed by ‘Techit’. One pleasant surprise is that the wallpaper lacks any form of official branding, which I welcome with open arms.

In any case, Windows 8’s release date has been set for October the 26th and while many are looking forward to its release date, I do not think that I will jumping onto the band-wagon on this one. Windows 8 certainly has some interesting new features, however, to me it just feels like a re-hashed version of Windows 7. In addition, I have no doubt in my mind that the first release of Microsoft’s new OS will be bug-ridden, and contain many gruelling error messages that would make the average consumer wish that they had stuck with Windows 7.

* RTM – It is an acronym for ‘Release To Manufacturing’. It is the final build of a piece of software that is tested before being released to the public.


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