Following a deal between BT and the Welsh Government, Wales should be on the receiving end of broadband speeds up to 15x what we have now (which if you are in rural Wales means you could get that elusive 2mbps!) by the end of 2015. The £400+ million deal will increase Wale’s super fast broadband availability from the 34% it currently is to up to 96% – in line with Northern Ireland, where super fast broadband has been a focus for some years.

First Minister Carwyn Jones said:

“Our partnership with BT will see to it that Wales does more than simply catch with our neighbours.”

“We intend to catch-up, overtake and then set the pace that others will strive to match.”

Another plus is that BT have said they will create 50 new jobs and 100 new apprenticeships as part of the deal.

I for one look forward to watching Taff Wars without any buffering in the future!