We have been aware of the work of the Raspberry Pi foundation for over a year and it has been great to watch them go through the motions of creating a product that should, by all rights, revolutionise computing. As they near the launch of the fantastic Raspberry-Pi we have launched a fan site of our own to keep, those interested, up to date with developments and when we finally get our hands on some of the kit to show off the projects we do with it.

To start with here is a brief overview of the Raspberry Pi foundation and what they are doing:

  • A registered UK Charity (1129409) formed to help schools, hobbyists and keen amateurs embrace Computer Science.
  • Currently developing a low cost (~$25) ARM based Computer board.
  • The beta boards are already being developed for and there is some amazing things to come (Quake 3 runs like a dream ;))
  • Delivery of the first retail boards is expected in early 2012.

What does it mean for you?

Well it may mean nothing, or it may mean it changes your life forever. If you are like me you remember fondly the days of  sitting in your bedroom typing BASIC programs into an Amstrad CPC 6128 and seeing what the end result was (or more likely spending the next day bug fixing Syntax Errors!). If that’s the case then it could take you back to that time and allow the next generation to enjoy it to.

Check out our new site here: Raspberry-pi.co.uk and keep checking as we update it.