A new trojan disguised as a Windows Utility has been discovered by Panda Security.

The Ransom-AN trojan falsely states that the users Windows machine is unlicensed and that a valid license needs to be purchased for €100.
It then continues to threaten that all of the data on the machine will be lost if the payment is not sent within 48 hours.

The main causes of infection is from spam messages and P2P downloads, being difficult to remove it forces the user to either pay the ransom or reformat their drives.

A message screen with payment instructions is displayed shortly after the user logs into Windows.

If you are unfortunate enough to have your computer infected, do not follow the website address provided as it is a scam site set-up to steal your credit card details!

Panda Security are kind enough to have posted a activation code that you can enter to avoid paying.


Once the code has been entered the computer will restart, both the malware file and registry key will be deleted removing the trojan!

If you have problems, call Orbits on 01446 678 639