Where would we be without barcodes? It would certainly make for a longer trip to the supermarket and more queing at the Easyjet check-in desk. For years the Japanese have been using a form of barcoding for marketing and more – the QR Code (Quick Response Code). QR Codes are 2 dimensional barcodes and are generally formed from black squares on a white background. The codes can have text, URLs or other data embedded in them. If you have a suitable reader then you can scan the code and the hidden information is revealed or you are taken directly to a URL etc.

With the proliferation of smartphones in the UK with cameras and barcode software already built in, the time could be right for the QR Code to take off over here aswell.

So why use a QR Code instead of giving a potential client a URL to type in etc? From a client point of view, you can be taken there instantly, no more trying to type an address into your smartphone keyboard etc. Scan and go. For businesses and organisations, they can embed links to facebook, linked in or other social media sites and have ‘Likes’ etc added without the user having to type the address for facebook, locate your page and click like. It’s a time saving device and as the pace of life increases it can only be a good thing.

Orbits are embracing the QR Code and will soon be launching a dedicated QR mobile page with special offers, geek gossip and more. In readiness for this, have a play with our QR Code below:

Orbits QR Code

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