Having upgraded from a Nokia N95 to a HTC Desire with Android OS a few months ago, I am now able to give my opinion on the phone and the OS for business users.

What I needed from a business phone:

  • Call and Text – Pretty standard these, you wouldn’t buy a phone that couldn’t do this!
  • Email on the Go.
  • Remote Access to PC/Servers.
  • Twitter.

Android gives me all of the above and much, much more.

Jim’s Top 5 Business Apps for Android:

K9 Mail (FREE) – The stock email client with the HTC Desire does an admirable job, but this free application takes things to another level. Gives access to all of your email accounts via POP3, IMAP. Works with GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc flawlessley. I will quite often receive the mail on my phone before my PC! Quite simply the best email client on Android.

Log Me In for Android ($29.99) – As an IT Support company this is going to save the day many times. I’m sure everyone is familiar with LogMeIn the remote access tool for PCs. With this android client I can connect to and administer our clients machines from where ever I am. Driving to a meeting and a client has a problem? Pull in, crank up Logmein Ignition and fix the problem. Not cheap but well worth the outlay.

GAnalyticz (Free) – For people running Google Analytics on their websites, this simple little app gives you access to your Analytics data wherever you are. Running a new marketing campaign and want to keep track of how its doing? GAnalyticz lets you do just that, from wherever you are.

Twidroid (Free) – As twitter creeps more and more into business life, the ability to tweet from wherever you are can be a real benefit. Twidroid is a fully featured twitter client which lets you do exactly what you need – tweet whilst out and about. There are various Android Twitter clients, but this is my favourite by far.

Space Physics (Lite Version Free/Pro $2.99) – All work and no play makes Jim a dull boy. Space Physics is one of those games which works the brain more than the thumb. Using an advanced physics engine, it is your job to draw platforms, pulleys, vehicles and more to get the ball from its starting position to the goal. Some levels make you think it’s impossible but ingenuity is the key and they can all be solved somehow. Just limit the playing of this to out of work hours because it eats up time and I’d hate your business to suffer!

Overall I am loving the HTC Desire and Android as an operating system and ideal for business users. The latest version (2.2 or FroYo) is now on my phone and it has improved on an already excellent operating system. Finally someone is giving Apple a run for their money….possibly!